How to View Your Competitor's Facebook Adverts

We guide you through harnessing the power of the Facebook Ad library and other key tools to analyse your competitors’ ads so you can emulate their success.

How to View Your Competitor's Facebook Adverts
James Hunt
January 11, 2024
Facebook Ads

Unveiling the Secrets: How to View Your Competitor's Facebook Adverts

Staying ahead of the curve requires you to keep a keen eye on your competition. An effective way to gain valuable insights into their strategies is by dissecting their Facebook advertising campaigns. In this article, we'll guide you through the key steps on how to view your competitor's Facebook adverts, providing you with the tools to elevate your own marketing efforts.

1. Harness the Power of Facebook Ad Library

One of the goldmines for dissecting your competitor's Facebook adverts is the Facebook Ad Library. Follow these steps:

a. Navigate to Facebook Ad Library

Visit the Facebook Ad Library  and enter your competitor's Facebook Page name. The Ad Library provides a comprehensive collection of all ads, active and inactive, run by any Facebook Page.

b. Analyse Ad Content

Explore both active and inactive ads, taking note of the ad creatives, copy, and engagement metrics. Pay close attention to the changes in content, design, and messaging over time, as this can offer valuable insights into the evolution of their advertising strategy.

2. Spy on Competitor's Page Transparency

Uncover more details about your competitor's advertising efforts through Facebook's "Page Transparency" section.

a. Visit Competitor's Facebook Page

Head to your competitor's Facebook Page and click on the "Page Transparency" section, it’s typically located on the right-hand side. This section discloses key information about the Page, including when it was created and any recent name changes.

b. Explore Ad Activity

Examine both active and inactive ads under the "Ads From This Page" section. Dive into the ad history to understand the frequency of their campaigns. It’s worth taking note of the targeting information available, providing valuable insights into the audience they aim to reach.

3. Leverage Third-Party Facebook Ad Spy Tools

Simplify the process of monitoring competitor ads by using third-party tools designed for the task.

a. Choose a Reliable Facebook Ad Spy Tool

Opt for reputable tools such as AdSpy, PowerAdSpy, or SocialPeta to gain in-depth insights into your competitor's ad strategies. These tools allow you to search for ads by keywords, track performance metrics, and discover their most successful campaigns.

b. Input Competitor Details

Enter your competitor's information into the tool, this will allow it to unveil ad creatives, targeting options, and ad performance metrics. We recommend looking for patterns in their advertising schedule which will help you identify which creatives generate the most engagement.

4. Engage with Facebook Pixel Insights

Unlock a deeper understanding of your competitor's audience engagement and website activities by tapping into the potential of Facebook Pixel.

a. Install Facebook Pixel Helper

Download and install the Facebook Pixel Helper browser extension to identify the presence of a Facebook Pixel on your competitor's website. The Pixel Helper will show you whether the Pixel is active and correctly implemented.

b. Analyse Pixel Data

Explore the data captured by the Pixel, including website visitors, conversion events, and popular pages. This information reveals crucial aspects of their marketing funnel, such as which products or services are resonating with their audience and driving conversions.


Mastering the art of viewing your competitor's Facebook adverts is a strategic move that can fuel your own advertising endeavours. Many of us know entrepreneurs that are killing it with Facebook ads but quite often we don’t know why they are doing so well.

By combining insights from the Facebook Ad Library, Page Transparency, third-party tools, and Facebook Pixel, you'll be well-equipped to make informed decisions, refine your strategies, and ultimately outshine your competition in the dynamic landscape of Facebook advertising. Keep evolving, stay competitive, and let the power of information guide your marketing success. If you would like to know how to recover your Facebook account please find our A businesses Guide to Recovering a Disabled Ad Account blog