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Our lead generation service is dedicated to driving a positive ROI for your business. We attract high-quality exclusive leads through your own advertising account.

Trust us to deliver tangible results and help your business thrive.

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Why choose us?

Choose Leads2You for effective lead generation.
With our expertise and experience we provide top quality leads with a high conversion rate by using Meta Forms to qualify potential customers.

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Paid Trial

Try us out with a trial, and once you see the leads we bring in, we're sure you'll want to stick around.

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Easily Scalable

Once you're happy with the quality of leads we can start to scale to a volume you're happy with.

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Exclusive Leads

Every lead generated is via your own socials & branding. Which means no more competing with multiple businesses for the same lead.

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10+ Years of Experience

Our experienced team have over ten years experience managing ad campaigns for varying sizes of business across all digital advertising platforms.

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Excellent Customer Support

We keep in regular contact with our clients, reaching out daily or weekly based on their support preferences.

How does it work?

At Leads2You we know that starting a paid marketing campaign is a big step for your business. You want to ensure that you’re able to keep a positive return on your investment. That’s why all our packages start with a commitment free trial period, enough time for you to asses the quality of the leads we’re able to generate without the risk of signing a long contract you’re not 100% certain will work for you.

During your trial period, and continuing afterwards, we generate leads using your own businesses branding and linked to your businesses social media pages, gaining essential exposure for your business. Every single warm lead you receive will have already interacted with your business and chosen to give you their details. Overall we find these leads much easier to close than leads purchased from third parties or cold calling.

After a brainstorming meeting with our marketing team, our in house graphic designers create bespoke image or video advertisements centred around your own branding, in your businesses voice and using any particular offers you’d like to push. Don’t worry, you’ll have full approval of all creatives before they go live!

Once live, prospective leads interact with the advert in their social media feed and leave their contact details along with any other qualifying information you may require for validation. We run each lead through quick check to ensure their contact details are legitimate before sending them on to you via Email, SMS, or CRM, however you prefer.

Once the trial is complete, we'll send you a breakdown of the results, how improvements can be made if you choose to continue, and your options for continuing as a customer.

Maximise your conversion!

Try our appointment setting service

Leads2You isn't just about generating leads, it's about turning those leads into paying customers.  That's why we've launched our innovative Appointment Setting Service, designed to dramatically increase your conversion rates. Here's how it works:

  • A potential customer expresses interest through your advert.
  • Within minutes, a dedicated Leads2You representative reaches out to the lead while their interest is still high.
  • Our experienced team will professionally qualify the lead and schedule a convenient appointment with you.
  • We'll make up to 5 attempts to connect with the lead, ensuring maximum reach.

How much does it cost?

For our trial period, we offer four pricing options for you to choose between depending on how many leads you'd like to trial and the level or service you require. Don't worry, we'll walk you through these packages during your first call and help you pick which package is right for your business!

What happens after the trial?

After successfully completing your trial, we’ll run through the results with you; what’s working well, what could use improvement, how we can lower the cost per lead going forward etc.

If you’d like to continue receiving leads, our pricing is transparent and easily scalable with you. We don't hold you to any long contracts or high fees. We simply bill you weekly for the amount of leads you’ve received using a sliding scale. The more leads you receive, the lower the cost per lead.

Everything can be changed or updated based on your schedule. Fully booked for the next month? Reduce your leads until you catch up. Need a boost in appointments? Increase your inbound leads for the next week. We work with you and to your schedule to ensure your return on investment is always positive.

Additional Services: 

Elevate your lead generation with our comprehensive services, including high-quality landing page design, appointment setting, and automations.

Example creatives:

Here are a few examples of image ads we've created for our existing clients. Depending on your chosen trial package, we create up to 7 ad designs when we launch a new campaign and compare the Click Through Rates and Cost Per Lead Data stats to improve your Return On Investment.

The results speak for themselves:

Take a look at our case studies of recent clients.

Don't take our word
for it

See what our clients have to say about our service.

From initial meeting I was carried all the way through the process by James, very professional out fit they do EXACTLY what it says on the tin, although it’s early days in our relationship with them we have had success through sales, long may it continue

Dennis Price
Future Boilers

Used Leads 2 you for a few weeks now and I’ve already generated over £4600 in revenue and spent just over £300 in Facebook spend. Highly recommened their service

Chase Dobbie

Our CPL was around £50 via Google ads and Leads 2 You have brought that down to £5 per lead and qualified leads we can actually convert too.

Joe Reynolds
Northern Motorhome Buyer

Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our FAQ section! Here you'll find answers to commonly asked questions across various categories.

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How Much Does The Trial Cost?

The cost of the trial will vary depending on your product or service, for example some clients may see a higher cost per lead via Facebook if the price of the product or service is more expensive or if you're only covering a small area of the country. Once you've filled out the start trial form we can discuss this in full on a call.

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What Do You Class As A Lead?

We class a lead as anyone who has filled out the Facebook lead form via your advert. We collect as much information as possible from potential customers and even ask them to book in a call via online calendar software to help your conversion rates.

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What Are Your Payment Terms?

We invoice our clients on a weekly basis for the commission payments & ask you to add your card details to your own Facebook advertising account to cover the ad spend bills.

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What Type Of Businesses Will This Work For?

The service will work for any type of business looking to generate leads, this includes both B2B & B2C.

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